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Axel Woods

Hey there, I’m Axel. I’m a biking enthusiast with extensive experience exploring trails and performing stunts on my BMX and mountain bike. Together with my friend Aaron, I started this blog to assist fellow cyclists with both basic and advanced issues, and to help guide them in choosing the right bikes.

Cycling not only keeps me fit, but also saves the environment. I am loving how bikes have evolved, and find Ebikes interesting.


Axel Woods is an avid cyclist and content writer who studied journalism. He received his Bachelor’s degree in Journalism from Texas University, where he honed his skills in writing, research, and critical thinking. During his studies, he had an opportunity to work as an intern at a local newspaper, where he covered sports and lifestyle stories.
He also wrote articles for the university’s newspaper and magazine, developing his passion for cycling and writing in the process. After completing his undergraduate degree, he decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Journalism, specializing in Sports Journalism. He received his Master’s degree from Texas University, and during that time, he wrote several articles on cycling. He then decided to start his own blog, along with his friends, who are also cycling enthusiasts.


Axel Woods is an avid cyclist, and it is one of his main hobbies. He has a great passion for cycling and spends a lot of his free time riding on different trails and roads. He also enjoys participating in local cycling events and competitions. He is a member of a local cycling club and regularly participates in group rides.
In addition to cycling, Axel Woods is also interested in photography. He likes to capture beautiful landscapes and moments while cycling. He is also a big fan of nature and enjoys going on camping and hiking trips. He also likes to read books and watch movies in his free time. He also follows the latest technology trends and likes to experiment with new gadgets.
Overall, Axel Woods is an active and adventurous person who enjoys a wide range of hobbies that allow him to be outdoors, stay active and be creative.

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