Buying the right size of the bike as per your body size, weight and height is of utmost importance. If you are planning to buy a new bike, you may be wondering what frame size and wheel size will suit you the best. 

After all, your comfort while riding is undeniably influenced by the size of the bike you choose to buy. If a 24 inch bike is what you are looking for, you may wonder what size person should go for such a bike. 

You may also want to know if a 24 inch bike will fit you. To help you with the same, I have curated this guide that spills all that you need to know about a 24 inch bike. From knowing its benefits to finding out if it will fit you, all your questions related to a 24 inch bike will be answered by the end of this guide. is readers supported, you may find Amazon affiliated links on this page, that pays us commission for recommending products at no extra cost to you.

What is 24 inch bike?

A 24 inch bike could typically mean two things. By 24 inch bike, you may be talking about the wheel size, which indicates the diameter of the wheels or the frame size of the bike. If you consider the dimensions of the wheels, a 24 inch bike will most likely fit kids, teenagers, and other riders with 4’6” to 5’4” of height. 

This indicates that a 24 inch bike will be ideally suited for short-height cyclists who weigh less. At the same time, if you consider 24 inches as the overall size and structure of the bike, it will be appropriate for heavy riders. This distance is measured from the seat post to the middle of the bike’s pedals. 

A 24 inch bike is usually equipped with narrow handlebars and a super light bike frame if you are considering the wheel size of the bike. Such a bike will also feature shorter seat tubes and compact pedals. From road bikes and mountain bikes to hybrids, there are many types of 24 inch bikes available in the market to fulfill diverse needs. 

24 inch bike

24 inch bike for what size person?

If we consider the dimensions of the wheels, a 24 inch bike is ideally suited for short-heightened people who relatively weigh less. 24 inch bikes are mostly used by people whose height lies between 4’6” and 5’4” inches. 

Children, teenagers, and adults whose height falls in this bracket are best to fit 24 inch bikes. A few adults may even use a 24 inch bike to get specific results and riding experiences that are not as appropriately carried out with a normal bike. 

24 inch bike size

For instance, strenuous activities, stunts, tricks, and mountain biking may be experienced better with the large wheels of a  24 inch bike instead of a regular bike. Apparently, what matters the most when considering 24 inch bikes is your height and body weight. 

Since a 24 inch bike is designed for smaller body types and is equipped with a compact frame, women with smaller feet and hands will find it quite comfortable to ride a 24 inch bike.

Those adults who find it challenging to ride a 26 inch bike may ride a 24 inch bike comfortably due to its lower seat and wheels. Due to its small and lightweight frame, kids find it very easy to control and ride a 24 inch bike. 

In summary, 24 inch bike will be suitable for:

  1. Women
  2. Kids
  3. short height men

How To Find out if 24 inch bike is suitable for you

Wondering how to find out if 24 inch bike is suitable for you? There are a few aspects and body measurements you need to consider before buying a 24 inch bike to make sure it fits your body size perfectly. From your height and body weight to your leg inseam, taking these measurements is crucial before you decide to buy a 24 inch bike. 

1. Height and body weight

If you wish to check if a 24 inch bike will fit you, you will have to begin by measuring your body size. If your height is more than 4’6” but less than 5’4” (in feet), you will be the ideal person to fit a 24 inch bike.


If your height turns out to be more than 5.4’’, riding 24 inch bikes will not be a comfortable experience for you due to their compact frame sizes and narrow handlebars. 

Shorter seat tubes will further make it uncomfortable for you to ride a 24 inch bike if you are taller than the ideal height mentioned. Your ability to handle a bike and maneuver it with ease will depend on how accurate your body size is with the frame size of the bike. 

Similarly, your body weight plays an important role too. If you weigh less, you will face no issues controlling a 24 inch bike as it is specifically designed to suit your needs. At the same time, being a heavy rider and weighing more will not let you have a comfortable cycling experience with a 24 inch bike. 

2. Leg inseam

The next thing you need to measure to find out if a 24 inch bike is suitable for you is your leg inseam. This measurement is just as essential as your body weight or height. While riding a bike, most of the work is done by your legs. 

Leg inseam

Therefore, you need to be sure of your comfort while pedaling or simply sitting on your bike and resting your feet on the pedals. A longer leg inseam will pose difficulty and discomfort in riding a 24 inch bike due to its design, and it will be the wrong-sized bike for you. 

Even after you pull your bike seat higher, there are chances that you will feel uncomfortable while trying to rest your feet on the pedals. This will bring down your overall ride quality and lead to discomfort. To measure your leg inseam, you should stand straight and have someone measure the vertical distance from the uppermost part of your thighs to the floor or your ankle. 

Whatever measurement you get will be your leg inseam. If you have a longer leg inseam, you will not be able to have a suitable reach for the pedals, and your legs will not be appropriately angled while pedaling on a 24 inch bike. 

3. Size charts 

While you are looking for a 24 inch bike to buy, do not forget to check a bike size chart to know the most appropriate bike size for you. Checking a bike size chart will help you determine the suitable size as per the model of bike you are looking for. Such a chart will include measurements for height, weight, and leg inseam to get the most reliable results. 

Height (ft) Bike Size (in)
4’0″ – 4’6″ 12 inches
4’6″ – 5’0″ 14 inches
5’0″ – 5’6″ 16 inches
5’6″ – 5’9″ 18 inches
5’9″ – 6’0″ 20 inches
6’0″ – 6’3″ 22 inches
6’3″ – 6’6″ 24 inches
6’6″ – 6’9″ 26 inches

4. Bike specifications 

Different models of bikes could have distinct specifications as per their brand and manufacturing. If you are to check if a particular 24 inch bike is ideal for you, you should pay close attention to the product description. The description will let you know about the body size and weight of that particular model of bike support. 

This will also help you know about additional features like frame size, as a few bikes may possess larger or smaller bike frames. Furthermore, it will save a lot of your time. To double-check, you can always contact the manufacturer and confirm that the bike is the perfect fit for you. 

5. Top tube

Finding the top tube frame measurement of the bike you are willing to buy is quite significant. You may get this measurement on the bike’s specifications or bike size charts. With a longer top tube, you will have to bend down and arch your back quite a bit in order to get to the handlebars. 

6. Seat tube 

Measuring the seat tube frame is also very important if you are trying to find out if a 24 inch bike will fit you. Since the seat of a 24 inch bike is fixed too low, you may have trouble riding it in case you happen to be taller than 5’5”. 

Even after following the bike chart, you should not ignore the seat tube frame measurement, as it has a huge role to play in your comfort while riding a 24 inch bike. In order to measure this seat tube frame, you will have to measure it from top to bottom. Start from the top bracket shell and make your way to the saddle, wherever it intersects. 

Benefits of a 24 inch bike

1. Lightweight and maneuverable

The biggest benefit offered by a 24 inch bike is its super light bike frame which is quite maneuverable. If the bike fits you correctly, you will find it very easy to control.

Riding a bike with a heavy frame can be very inconvenient as the heavy weight and large tires can significantly reduce your speed and hamper your overall performance. With a lightweight and compact frame, a 24 inch bike enhances your speed to deliver better performance. 

2. Low seat post

With a shorter seat tube, it becomes very easy and convenient for people with shorter leg inseams to ride a 24 inch bike.

You will be able to get to the pedals of your 24 inch bike quickly, and your legs will be angled in a better posture to boost your riding efficiency. You can even get a 24 inch mountain bike and ride it with ease.

3. Small and lightweight pedals

With smaller pedals that are super light in weight, you will be able to ride a 24 inch bike with minimal pedaling effort.

Since pedaling requires effort and strength from your side, heavier pedals can hamper your experience and make it difficult for you to pedal with ease to move your bike forward. In the case of a 24 inch bike, it will be much easier to pedal as its pedals are small and lightweight. 

Can a Woman Ride a 24 Inch Bike?

Yes, a woman can ride a 24 inches bike as long as it is comfortable for her. Bike size has no correlation with gender. Hence, any person, who feels comfortable on a 24 inch bike, can ride it.

As said above, 24 inches bikes are mostly meant for teenagers and women, who are short, because it makes it easier for them to control the bike and balance when in the standby position.


If you are planning to buy a 24 inch bike, make sure it is ideally suited for your body size and measurements so that you can make use of the multiple benefits it offers. If your height lies between 4’6” and 5’4” inches.

You will have a comfortable experience riding a 24 inch bike. Apart from your height and body weight, there are many other aspects you may consider to know if a 24 inch bike will be suitable for you. 

From measuring your leg inseam and seat tube frame to checking the bike’s specifications, the process of finding the most appropriate bike as per your body size comes down to a few factors. Hopefully, this comprehensive guide will have given you an insight into 24 inch adult bikes and kids’ bikes to help you understand if you can fit into one. 


What size bike do I need, 24 or 26?

Most adults commonly use 26 inch bikes. If you are taller than 5’, you should have a comfortable riding experience on a 26 inch bike. 24 inch bikes are considered ideal for people with 4’6” to 5’4” inches of height. 

If you need to choose between a 24 inch and 26 inch bike, you may consider a number of factors, including your body size, leg seam, top tube frame measurement, and the specifications of the bike to check the most appropriate one as per your measurement. 

What age is a 24 inch bike for?

24 inch bikes are considered an excellent option for kids aged 8, 9, and 10 as their frame size and lightweight makes it easy for kids to control them. However, whether or not a 24 inch bike is suitable for you will depend upon your body size and other measurements. 

Even adults with 4’6” to 5’4” inches of height can find it comfortable to ride a 24 inch bike. Therefore, considering a size chart is much more important than considering the age if you wish to have a 24 inch bike. 

Is a 24-inch bike good for a 13 year old?

Most 13 year old kids tend to go for a 26 inch bike rather than a 24 inch bike. 24 inch bikes are considered ideal for ages 8, 9, and 10. However, body size will be a better criterion to check if the frame size of a particular bike will fit you.

If your height and weight are suitable for a 24 inch bike, you will be able to ride one. Therefore, a 13 year old with 4’6” to 5’4” inches of height can comfortably ride a 24 inch bike. 

Can a 12 year old ride a 24 inch bike?

On average, 12 year old kids tend to be 149.8cm tall. Although most 24 inch bikes are suitable for kids aged 8, 9, and 10, if you are a 12 year old whose height lies between 4’6” to 5’4”, you will face no issues while riding on a 24 inch bike. More than age, height, and body weight will matter when choosing the most appropriate bike. 

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