Is your kid ready to tackle dirt-based trails and go for outdoor adventures? If you are trying to find a solution to your kid’s undying passion for mountain biking, you have chosen the right article to go ahead with. It is a fact that mountain biking is all about slicing through complex topography and steep descents. 

If you have finally decided to get your child the best 24 inch mountain bike to blaze gnarled trails, this comprehensive guide includes all the options you may consider, especially if you are looking to get the best quality backed by a decent brand reputation. 

Hopefully, with this guide, you will be able to make the right choice among some of the best 24 inch mountain bikes available in the market. With their detailed review and specifications, you will find all that you need to know about these 24 inch bikes. is readers supported, you may find Amazon affiliated links on this page, that pays us commission for recommending products at no extra cost to you.

6 Best 24 inch Bikes You Should Consider

1. Huffy Stone Mountain Bike

The first one to make it to the list of the best 24 inch Mountain Bikes is the Huffy Stone Mountain, which is a hardtail mountain bike designed to maximize your performance in outdoor adventures. 

It is carved out of a gloss red frame of high-tensile steel for durability, which is backed by Huffy’s limited lifetime warranty. Mountain bikers with 58 to 70 inches of height are considered appropriate for their frame size. 

Huffy Stone Mountain Bike

For the title of the best 24 inch mountain bike, your bike must possess an efficient suspension mechanism to soak up road vibrations. Being equipped with Kolo 1200 suspension fork gives this hardtail mountain bike the ability to dampen shocks and dips while mountain biking. 

Shifting between the 21 speed levels offered by this hardtail bike is effortless with the micro-shift twist shifters coupled with an indexed  Shimano TZ-31 rear derailleur. Whether you intend to cover challenging ascents or ride down the hills, you will be offered consistent gear operations with the removable rear derailleur guard of this mountain bike. 

With 24″ x 1.95″ wide tires, this hardtail bike has the ability to slice through concrete-based trails easily. Since off-road riding requires your bike to retain a firm grip, these knobby tires ensure great traction. 

For a consistent and immediate stopping action, this Huffy mountain bike features linear pull hand brakes. To enhance your comfort while riding off-road, Huffy Stone Mountain is equipped with an ATB saddle with premium padding, which supports your sit bones efficiently. 

Moreover, with slight-rise handlebars, you will be able to ride in a comfortable upright posture. Since you will not have to lean on the handlebars, you will be able to prevent back issues. It is quite convenient to adjust the height of the seat post with the quick-release feature in this lightweight bike. 


  • Durable steel frame
  • Slight-rise handlebars 
  • Alloy wheels for rust resistance 
  • Alloy quick-release for height adjustments
  • ATB saddle with premium padding 
  • Removable rear derailleur guard


  • The gears are rough to shift
  • The brakes are too short

2. Diamondback Cobra Mountain Bike

Diamondback Cobra Mountain bike is a solidly-built 24 inch bike designed to roll over barriers with ease. Bikers with 53″ to 62″ inches of height or 8 to 12 years of age are perfect for riding this kids mountain bike. 

Being equipped with a high-strength steel frame, this mountain bike is quite durable. With a 21-speed Shimano Tourney drivetrain, you will always have gear for the terrain you are riding on. 

Shimano is known for manufacturing high-quality bike parts. With this, you can totally rely on the quality of this mountain bike’s speed transmission system. While picking the best 24 inch mountain bike, it is crucial to check how tough the tires of your mountain bike are. 

The knobby and heavily-treaded tires of this Diamondback Mountain Bike have the ability to glide through mud-based trails with ease. No matter what weather conditions or terrain you choose to ride on, you can always rely on the quality and structure of these mountain tires. 

Since off-road and trail riding is all about conquering complex topography without being a victim of fatigue, a powerful suspension system plays a huge role in saving you from exhaustion. Bumpy surfaces and uneven terrains may cause tiredness due to constant shocks. 

With a 40 mm travel suspension fork, you will not have to worry about jolts and dips while riding this mountain bike. This efficient suspension fork will smooth out all the bumps and road vibrations you may encounter while mountain biking. 

Even with all these specifications, it is impossible not to check the quality of the braking system. With linear pull V-brakes, you can expect an effective stopping action from this mountain bike. 


  • HL Zoom 40mm travel fork
  • Durable steel frame
  • Great traction with tough tires
  • Shimano Tourney 3×7 speed drivetrain
  • Linear pull brakes with reach adjust
  • Easy to assemble 


  • No kickstand 
  • Slightly heavier 

3. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

The next one on the list of the best 24 inch mountain bikes is the Schwinn High Timber, which is a super light steel-framed mountain bike with a 16-inch frame. Its 24 inch wheel size and frame size are considered suitable for bikers with 5’5” to 6’0” inches of height. 

Although the steel frame of this mountain bike is not as lightweight as other bike frames carved out of high-tech materials, its durability is unbeatable. This mountain bike offers 21 speed levels with consistent gear operations. 

No matter what terrain you ride on, you will be able to shift gears effortlessly with twist shifters and a Schwinn alloy crank that ensures optimal gearing and minimal maintenance. To tackle various weather conditions and gravel-based trails, it is essential for your mountain bike to have wide tires. 

What makes Schwinn High Timber one of the best lightweight wheel mountain bikes is its aggressively-treaded tires that ensure great traction and smooth rides, even on muddy terrains. These knobby mountain tires are sufficiently supported by super light alloy rims of this mountain bike that are not only durable but also provide stability to your rides. 

Before you decide on the best 24 inch mountain bike for yourself, it is crucial for that bike to deliver secure braking power in emergency situations. Since mountain biking is all about traveling across steep descents, the alloy linear-pull V-brakes located at the front and rear of this lightweight wheel mountain bike manage to ensure a commendable stopping power on technical trails. 

For quick height adjustments, the quick-release seat post fitted into this 24 inch mountain bike is adjustable for added comfort and convenience. To protect your investment, Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike is backed by a limited lifetime warranty that remains valid as long as you own the bike. 


  • Secure stopping power
  • Durable steel frame
  • Long-lasting comfort 
  • Quick release seat post
  • Steady gear changes
  • Optimal gearing with alloy crank 


  • The quality of derailleurs is not up to the mark
  • Assembly is not beginner-friendly 

4. Huffy Extent 24″ Mountain Bike

Huffy Extent is a 24 inch hardtail mountain bike designed to improve your ride quality over complex topography. The frame size and 24” wheels of this mountain bike are considered unsuitable for people with 4’8″ to 5’8″ inches of height or 12 to 19 years of age. 

What makes this hardtail bike one of the most durable kids bikes in the market is its high-strength steel frame which offers exceptional durability. To add to the reliability of this hardtail steel frame, it is backed by a limited lifetime warranty which remains valid as long as you are the owner of the bike. 

While picking the best 24 inch mountain bike, it is crucial to consider the credibility of the speed transmission system of the bike. With 18 speed levels and twist-shifting technology, you can rely on the consistency of gear operations offered by this hardtail bike. 

With the Shimano rear derailleur, it is quite smooth and effortless to shift gears. With 24″ X 2.4″ wide mountain tires, handling pavements and dirt-based trails will no longer feel challenging. These knobby tires will allow your mountain bike to glide over various terrains while retaining a firm grip on the surface. 

This will ensure safe and comfortable rides, no matter how harsh the trail is. For the title of the best 24 inch mountain bike, being equipped with a powerful braking system is of utmost importance. 

With front and rear linear-pull brakes, you can expect excellent stopping power delivered by this hardtail mountain bike. For added comfort and convenience, this Huffy Mountain Bike features an alloy quick-release seat post that allows for quick height adjustments. 


  • Twist-shifting system for consistent gear operations
  • Hardtail steel frame for durability
  • Alloy quick-release seat post
  • Knobby tires for excellent traction 
  • Great control and secure stopping power 


  • Brakes require tuning 
  • You may have to take it to a local bike shop for assembly. 

5. Mongoose Maxim Mountain Bike

If you wish to have a blast out on the trail, the Mongoose Maxim is just the right mountain bike for you to pick. With a full suspension frame carved out of aluminum, the overall weight of this mountain bike is brought down to make it the lightest bike. 

Unlike many heavy mountain bikes, this dual suspension bike is quite light in weight without compromising on durability. Its full suspension aluminum frame and 24 inch wheels are considered ideal for mountain bikers with 4’8” to 5’6” inches of height. 

If you wish to have the best 24 inch mountain bike, you must prioritize the bike with the ability to smooth out shocks effortlessly. With an efficient suspension mechanism that features powerful suspension forks, you do not have to worry about fatigue from bumpy terrains, as this Mongoose mountain bike will dampen all the vibrations and jolts. 

This not only improves your ride quality by boosting your comfort level but also lets you have sufficient control over your bike. This full-suspension bike offers 21 speed controls to let you have gear for every terrain you travel on. 

With SRAM twist shifters and Shimano rear derailleur, you can expect precise gear changes from the speed transmission system of this kids mountain bike. Even so, an efficient drivetrain is not enough when it comes to the best 24 inch mountain bike. 

Your mountain bike must also feature unrivaled brakes to promise a secure stopping action. With linear-pull brakes, you can be assured of the ability of this dual-suspension bike to bring itself to an immediate halt. 

Although these linear-pull V-brakes are not as efficient as mechanical disc brakes or hydraulic disc brakes, they can deliver excellent braking power even in emergency situations. 


  • Lightweight aluminum full suspension frame
  • 3-piece crank
  • Efficient shock absorption
  • Durable alloy rims
  • Commendable stopping power 
  • Knobby tires 


  • Gear changes are not smooth
  • Assembly is not beginner friendly 

6. Royce Union Mountain Bike

The last one on the list of the best 24 inch mountain bikes is the Royce Union, which is an aluminum-framed mountain bike designed to quench your passion for mountain biking. It features an ultralight aluminum frame which will always be protected from damage and rust. 

This lightweight frame is not just maneuverable and easy to control on technical trails, but it is also very durable and built to last. It possesses a sharp look with radiant silver and a glossy coating. 

When it comes to the best 24 inch mountain bike, it is important to consider the quality of tires. With knobby and heavily-treaded tires, this mountain bike will be able to retain a strong grip even over rough surfaces. 

This bike features 21 speeds to make sure that you enjoy a wide gear range and smooth shifting. The Shimano Fire Plus trigger shifters coupled with rear indexed derailleur work to ensure steady gear changes, no matter what terrain you choose to travel on. 

Just with the help of your thumb and index finger, you will be able to shift gears consistently. Even so, there will be no use of this efficient performance if the braking system is not up to the mark. This is why Royce Union Mountain Bike is equipped with alloy linear pull brakes to deliver a commendable stopping power as and when you apply the brakes. 

While tackling rugged terrains, such a consistent stopping action is of utmost importance. Furthermore, your comfort while riding off-road in a bike park is just as important. To ensure long-lasting comfort, this capable mountain bike features slight-rise handlebars that offer an upright riding performance. 

Such a posture is not only comfortable, but it also helps to prevent back issues that may occur due to a forward-leaning position. For added comfort, the powerful suspension system of this mountain bike absorbs bumps and shocks effectively, making it a great bike. 


  • Lightweight and rust-resistant aluminum frame
  • Solid grip with aggressively-treaded tires
  • Slight-rise handlebars  
  • 21-speed Shimano drivetrain
  • Quick-release adjustable seat 
  • Steel suspension fork 


  • No kickstand 
  • Gears require adjustment 


Getting excellent build quality and affordability in a 24 inch mountain bike may not be very common, but it is not the hardest to find. If you are realistic with your expectations and aware of your own riding preferences, it will not take long for you to pick the best 24 inch mountain bike among all the options available in the market. 

You may have to consider certain things like suspension forks, braking systems, and frame material, among many other aspects. If I am obligated to declare a winner from all the 24 inch kids mountain bikes listed in this guide, I will go for the exceptional build quality offered by the Diamondback Cobra Mountain Bike. It is not just the brand reputation but also the performance it promises on concrete-based trails. 

With a high-strength steel frame, it provides unbeatable durability and reliability. When it comes to the braking system, you can never go wrong with the linear-pull brakes fitted into this mountain bike. Considering the top-notch componentry and build quality, Diamondback has to be my top pick for the title of the best 24 inch mountain bike.

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