Have you been surfing the web to look for the best mountain bikes under 600? If you wish to engage in mountain biking, you would want a bike with superior componentry that is ideal for complex topography.

In case you are a beginner who doesn’t want to invest in an expensive mountain bike, the task of buying a cheap mountain bike online will only end up being more complicated. 

When I was a novice rider looking for my first entry-level mountain bike, I had a tight budget which limited the number of options I could have access to. Finding a well-engineered mountain bike under my budget was an overwhelming job until I understood the right way to do it. 

Comparing the downsides and benefits of different mountain bikes can simplify your work. But to make the right decision, it is important to match those features with your own riding style.

Fortunately, you do not have to go any further to look for this detailed comparison, as this guide lists my top 7 picks for the best mountain bikes under 600.

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7 Best Mountain Bikes under 600

1. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

The first on the list of the best mountain bikes under 600 is Schwinn’s High Timber Mountain Bike, with a sturdy bike frame. The frame material plays a vital role while choosing the best mountain bike since off-road riding demands rigidity. 

With a super light steel frame, you can be assured of the durability and build quality of this mountain bike. The size of the frame is just as essential because an incorrect size can cause discomfort. 

Keeping this in mind, Schwinn High Timber offers a 24-inch frame along with that 16 inches to help you find the most appropriate one. You can also adjust the seat post through the quick-release feature to ride in a comfortable position. 

What further allows for a comfortable ride without fatigue is the cushion-like saddle of this bike which features premium padding and long-lasting comfort. With SRAM gripped gears and a rear derailleur, changing gears would not have been easier. 

This precise and steady shifting is further supported with twist shifters. The alloy crank fitted in this bike for these smooth gear changes requires negligible maintenance to work efficiently. 

If you are an advanced or professional rider with the intention to unleash the maximum speed potential of this mountain bike, you may find the 21 speed levels insufficient. But for novice or casual riders, the speed controls and transmission system are more than sufficient. 

Moreover, getting all these top-notch features at a budget-friendly price takes the value of this mountain bike to another level. The lightweight alloy rims of this adult bike ensure a stable ride by efficiently supporting its wide and durable tires. 

No matter how rough the terrain is or how unfavorable the weather is, these knobby tires will not be a disappointment. The powerful suspension system of this mountain bike holds the ability to soak up any vibrations that may arise due to barriers on uneven terrains. 

While looking at some of the best mountain bikes under 600, prioritizing the braking ability is evident. The front and rear mechanical disc brakes of this mountain bike deliver commendable stopping power. 

  • Rigid and reliable frame for all terrains
  • Dual alloy mechanical disc brakes for a smooth halt
  • Effortless shifting of gears between 21 speed levels
  • Long-lasting comfort
  • Excellent build quality and fork suspension
  • Durable tires for excellent traction
  • Adjustable seat post
  • Assembly is not beginning friendly
  • The rear wheel tends to wobble out
  • Handlebars are too narrow

2. Mongoose Impasse Mountain Bike

Mongoose Impasse is an aluminum-framed adult mountain bike that features internal cable routing. Due to its aluminum frame, Mongoose Impasse is super light and durable. Its 29-inch wheels, coupled with frame size, are suitable for those between 5’4″ and 6’2″ in height. 

Mongoose is a well-known and reputed brand popular for its unrivaled build quality at surprisingly lower prices. This quality is reflected in the Mongoose Impasse Adult Mountain Bike, which is undeniably one of the best mountain bikes under 600. 

With a vast range of gears and a top-tier drivetrain, this mountain bike is required trigger shifters that enable precise and steady shifting of gears. Even so, if you cannot control this speed, it is useless.

Keeping this in mind, Mongoose fitted this commuter bike with high-performance mechanical disc brakes located at the front and rear of this bike. 

These mechanical disc brakes ensure a smooth halt no matter what terrain you ride on. While mountain biking, our terrains tend to include rough and rugged paths which are full of bumps. To tackle such uneven surfaces, these powerful mechanical disc brakes are accompanied by a dual suspension system that dampens all vibrations. 

What adds to this efficiency are the knobby tires of this mountain bike that ensure great traction to grip the riding surface.

They promise an improved ride quality and rest on lightweight double-walled rims of alloy. The most crucial utility of these tires is that they enable you to cover longer distances with minimal pedaling effort. 

For maximum performance and comfort, this Mongoose mountain bike is fitted with a comfortable saddle coupled with an adjustable seat post.

Additionally, this cheap mountain bike is shipped partially pre-installed, which implies that you will only have to adjust and assemble a few components before you get started. 

Unlike most bikes, you will not require professional assistance from your local bike shop as the remaining process is fairly easy.

The high-performance and top-notch componentry of this mountain bike are undeniably ideal for all terrain types and weather conditions.

  • Ultralight mountain-style frame of aluminum
  • Non-slip grips on handlebars for better control
  • Threadless headset and triple crankset
  • Mechanical disc hand brakes for unrivaled stopping power
  • 2.3″ knobby tires that retain a firm grip
  • Crisp steering and maximum on-trail control 
  • The crankshaft tends to squeak
  • The kickstand is too close to the pedal

3. Redfire Adult Mountain Bike

Redfire Adult Mountain Bike is a popular and one of the best mountain bikes under 600 available in the biking industry.

It is carved out of a lightweight carbon steel frame that is built to last. This rigid frame, coupled with an efficient suspension system, delivers excellent performance while absorbing any shocks or jolts you may encounter. 

Such a feature is extremely important in a mountain bike, especially while you are riding off-road, where the trails are covered with bumps. On such uneven surfaces, a strong suspension fork and frame are not enough. 

An efficient braking system is crucial to look for when choosing among the best mountain bikes under 600. To ensure your safety with immediate stopping power as soon as you apply the brakes, this mountain bike is fitted with superior dual disc brakes. 

These double-disc brakes are quite responsive and, therefore, deliver assured performance. Additionally, this Redfire mountain bike features a Shimano drivetrain, which is effortless to control with seven speed controls.

No matter the terrain or weather conditions, the speed transmission system of this mountain bike will offer steady shifting of gears. 

The advanced geometry of this bike offers a comfortable seating position as your body is aligned in a relaxed posture. This comfort is maximized with the hollow saddle fitted in this mountain bike. This breathable saddle is stuffed with soft cushion-like material to minimize soreness and chafing. 

Your sit bones are efficiently supported while you enjoy ever-lasting comfort. If you wish to detach your saddle when not in use, you can do so with the alloy quick-release seat, whose height can be adjusted as per your will. The looks of this bike are pretty fascinating, with a subtle design and multiple color options to choose from. 

The most convenient aspect of this mountain bike is its assembly. Since 85% of the bike is shipped pre-installed, you are only left with a little part of the process.

Setting up the rest of the bike and assembling components is pretty easy. To put things together with ease, you are provided with specialized installation tools and a kickstand. 

Redfire Adult Mountain Bike

4. Schwinn Bonafide Mountain Bike

Schwinn Bonafide is a hardtail mountain bike with a lightweight aluminum mountain frame that enhances your ride quality. When deciding among the best mountain bikes under 600, the stopping power of a bike is one of the most important things to consider. 

With double mechanical disc brakes located at the front and rear of your bike, you get to enjoy exceptional braking ability no matter how complex your terrain is. Even while riding down a hill or slope, it is extremely crucial to have control over the speed of your bike. 

These crisp mechanical disc brakes remain unrivaled when it comes to bringing your bicycle to a smooth halt in emergency situations. However, a responsive braking system is not enough while you travel on uneven trails. What makes a bike one of the best budget mountain bikes under 600 is its ability to withstand jolts and vibrations. 

This is why Schwinn made sure to fit this hardtail trail bike with a highly-efficient suspension system that holds the ability to smooth out any bumps you may encounter to ensure a comfortable ride. However, even with these top-tier components, it fails to maximize your comfort because of an uncomfortable saddle. 

Even so, at its reasonable rate, Schwinn Bonafide excels in build quality and speed transmission systems. With Shimano trigger shifters coupled with front and rear derailleurs, you will have a hassle-free shifting of gears.

Looking for the right gear for your terrain will not be a problem as you get to choose between the 24 speed levels offered by this mountain bike. 

The 2.25-inch tires of this bike are tough, durable, and ideal for complex surfaces. They are supported by the reliable alloy rims of this bike which are double-walled. With this excellent durability and tread patterns, an excellent grip over the surface is assured. 

Moreover, you will have to engage in minimal maintenance due to efficient Schwinn alloy cranks, which also excel in steady gearing. Schwinn makes sure to protect your investment in case of any manufacturing defects or quality issues by providing a five-year warranty on the aluminum frame of this bike.

  • Responsive and easy-to-engage dual disc brakes
  • Withstands bumps and shocks with a robust suspension
  • High-profile double-walled, and durable alloy rims
  • Ultralight aluminum frame
  • Precise and steady gear changes
  • 24-speed transmission system
  • Five-year warranty on the frame 
  • If you lack technical knowledge, you may require assistance for assembly
  • Uncomfortable saddle

5. Hiland Slycan Mountain Bike

Hiland Slycan Mountain Bike is a high-value and aluminum-framed cross-country bike that possesses exceptional build quality. Its high-tech aluminum frame is not only lightweight but also promises durability on complex terrains. 

It provides resistance against corrosion and can be maintained without any hassle, considering how effortless its cleaning is. To provide protection to your cables and bring down the wind resistance, this adult mountain bike features internal shift cable and brake routing. 

Whether you are a novice trail rider or an inexperienced biker looking for a high-performance adult mountain bike, this all-terrain bike will be a suitable model for you.

Unlike other cheap mountain bikes equipped with mechanical disc brakes, Hiland Slycan features high-quality hydraulic disc brakes, which are much more efficient. 

No matter how uneven or wet your terrain is, if the situation demands an immediate halt, these hydraulic disc brakes will bring your mountain bike to a smooth stop.

Since different terrains require different speeds, this bike offers 27 speed levels for a higher gear ratio. These gears are easy to shift with a highly-efficient drivetrain. 

Mountain biking means off-road riding on bumpy and uneven terrains. Riding on such trails without fatigue is only possible if your mountain bike soaks up the shocks arising from these bumps and barriers. Fortunately, Hiland Slycan is equipped with a lock-out suspension fork that works to dampen any dips or jolts acting as a hurdle. 

The best part about this bike’s suspension system to save your pedaling effort and energy. The aluminum rims of this mountain bike are lightweight and double-walled to protect the inner tube. They efficiently support the knobby tires of this mountain bike. 

These XC tires ensure resistance against wear and punctures to allow for safer rides. With their anti-skid pattern, these tires work along the suspension fork to dampen road bumps and vibrations. 

These 27.5” tires can handle high-intensity riding while protecting the inner tube from punctures. To add to this convenience, the installation process of this mountain bike is quite simple, as 85% of the bike is already assembled to offer ease of assembly. 

  • Ultralight and corrosion-resistant aluminum frame
  • Internal shift cable routing reduces wind resistance
  • Hydraulic disc brakes for exceptional braking power
  • Lock-out suspension fork and adjustable rebound damping
  • Handles high-intensity riding
  • Dual wall aluminum rims
  • Damage and wear-resistant tire
  • The quality of the pedals is not satisfactory
  • Does not include a kickstand
  • Requires tuning and adjustment

6. Vilano Blackjack 3.0 Mountain Bike

Vilano Blackjack 3.0 29er is an affordable and quality mountain bike built to deliver excellent performance. The reason behind its ultralight structure and enhanced agility is its hand-built hardtail frame. 

This 6061 alloy hardtail frame is not only durable but also allows your mountain bike to attain speed without much pedaling effort. Its advanced geometry is ideal for dirt-based terrains or other complex topography as its structure has been designed to suit all weather conditions and surfaces. 

This hardtail affordable mountain bike offers 24 speed levels with integrated gear shifters for steady and smooth changes. With a 24-speed transmission system, you will indeed be tempted to let your bike attain higher speeds. 

No matter how high the speed of your bike is, you will be able to bring your bike to a smooth halt in emergency situations with high-performance mechanical disc brakes. These double disc brakes are located on the front and rear end of this mountain bike to deliver commendable stopping power on complex trails. 

Even while moving downhill, you will be impressed by this reliable braking ability, which makes it one of the best mountain bikes under 600. Even so, the brakes are not the only responsive component of this mountain bike. 

The low-profile handlebars fitted in this hardtail bike are pretty responsive and provide maneuverability, even when you travel at increased speed.

Such a feature is not only beginner-friendly but also excellent for experienced riders who are not necessarily looking for an entry-level bike. What boosts your riding quality and experience on such rough paths is the robust suspension system equipped in this mountain bike. 

Riding over bumps and obstacles will no longer be tiring as all road vibrations will be dampened, allowing you to ride without fatigue.

Despite all this attractive componentry, you still cannot overlook the wheelset while looking through some of the best mountain bikes under 600. 

Vilano Blackjack is equipped with tough tires that are designed to last and effortlessly roll over rugged or uneven paths. These rigid 29 x 2.1 tires rest upon lightweight alloy rims, which are double-walled for higher efficiency, making it a great bike.

  • High-tensile alloy frame
  • Spectacular performance and consistent gear changes
  • All-weather performance with mechanical disc brakes
  • 80 mm suspension fork for shock absorption
  • Enhanced maneuverability with low-profile handlebars
  • Functional geometry and lightweight structure
  • Durable tires and alloy rims
  • Loose screws and bolts
  • Derailleurs require some tuning
  • Uncomfortable saddle

7. Kent KZ2600 Mountain Bike

The last one on the list of the best mountain bikes under 600 is the Kent KZ2600 Mountain Bike which is a well-engineered adult bike featuring a 26-inch bike frame. If you are under a strict budget and wish to have a bike with remarkable componentry, this dual suspension mountain bike will be an ideal choice to make. 

With its full suspension aluminum frame, it delivers excellent performance and durability while you ride off-road.

However, this frame with a floating beam suspension design is prone to scratches if you travel across concrete-based terrains full of debris and rocky paths. Even so, this rigid MTB frame provides commendable resistance against rust and corrosion. 

What makes this bike one of the best mountain bikes under 600 is its 65 mm suspension coil fork. With this powerful fork, this mountain bike has full suspension and efficient dampening of jolts and bumps. The weight is appropriately distributed all over the bike frame to prevent fatigue while riding. 

Although your overall ride quality is improved, this full suspension system can still sacrifice your pedaling power while traveling across hills. However, you will barely notice any difference while riding on pavements or smooth city roads. 

To give you sufficient speed control, this mountain bike offers 21 speed levels coupled with a rear tourney derailleur. These are accompanied by rapid-fire shifters for seamless gear changes. Assembling this bike will require a maximum of 30 minutes as most parts of this bike will be shipped pre-installed. 

The remaining assembly is pretty effortless and can be completed with basic installation tools like a screwdriver. Considering this ease of assembly and beginner-friendly componentry, this mountain bike will make up for an excellent entry-level bike that comes with an affordable price tag. 

When it comes to braking power, this full-suspension bike performs just as well on hills as it does on pavements. The rear brake of this bike features a linear-pull brake, whereas you will notice the front part is equipped with a high-performance disc brake.

If you are not used to this combined braking system, you may not find the considerable stopping distance convenient. 

  • Aluminum frame with a floating beam suspension design
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Suspension coil fork that soaks up bumps
  • Rapid fire shifters for precise shifting of gears
  • Easy to assemble
  • Remarkable componentry and build quality
  • Double-walled alloy rims

  • Fewer speed levels
  • The combined braking system lacks efficiency


Finding the best mountain bike undeniably demands a lot of research and analysis of your preferences. If you intend to ride on gravel-based terrains, you must be sure of the reliability of your bike’s tires and the build quality of its frame. 

On the other hand, traveling on smooth city roads or paved surfaces may not require wide knobby tires to maximize your performance. Mountain biking requires your bike to be tough and rigid. If the frame material of your first mountain bike is not strong enough, it will lack durability. 

At the same time, if a sturdy and high-tensile frame is too heavy, you will have an uncomfortable ride. Therefore, it is imperative to understand how a particular feature could work advantageously in one situation but the opposite in another. 

What’s more important to understand is the fact that no mountain bike is perfect. Choosing the best bike is about finding a mountain bike that suits your riding style and expectations the best.

Based on these factors, I believe the Vilano Blackjack 3.0 Mountain Bike to be the best mountain bike under 600, which is systematically designed to suit all riding styles. 

Its high-tensile alloy frame is both durable and ultralight to deliver commendable performance and reliability. With precise gear changes and mechanical disc brakes, you can tackle all sorts of terrains by effortlessly shifting speeds and enjoying exceptional stopping power. 

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