If you are looking forward to buying a new bike, get ready to be bombarded with truckloads of brands and options to choose from. Back then, when I wasn’t the avid cyclist that I am right now, it used to be really difficult for me to decide among so many bikes. 

As a result, I was compelled to experiment with different brands. It was apparent for me to come across a renowned brand like roadmaster and check their bikes out.

Just like a novice rider, I wondered if roadmaster manufactured good bikes. Choosing the right bike from the right brand can become overwhelming as a beginner does not know which brands to avoid. 

In this article, I have included all you need to know about the bikes manufactured by roadmaster. From features to shortcomings, you will find everything in this guide based on my experience and research. Let’s first get to know more about roadmaster. 

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About Roadmaster

Roadmaster is a premium bicycle brand owned by Pacific Cycle. It was established in 1935 by the Cleveland Welding Company in Cleveland, Ohio. In 1950, it was sold to AMF. Roadmaster was known for manufacturing the following everyday bikes and other related products:

  • Pedal cars
  • Two-wheeled bikes and children’s vehicles
  • Ride-on toys
  • Garden tractors
  • Tricycles
  • Sidewalk bikes

However, in the 1970s, when the demand rapidly grew for some other types of bikes, Roadmaster resorted to manufacturing them. Following are the bikes it began to manufacture:

  • Stationary bicycles
  • Mopeds
  • BMX bicycles

The main focus of Roadmaster is to manufacture low-priced, inexpensive bikes which the biker intends to ride occasionally. Their collection also includes hybrid bikes and other mountain bikes for men, women, and kids. In 1987, the company was sold to a business investment group, and its name was changed to Roadmaster Industries, Inc. 

In 1996, the Brunswick Corporation took over the bicycle division of roadmaster. Eventually, after a series of acquisitions, its bicycle division and the brand were sold to Pacific Cycle in 2000. 

Is roadmaster a good bike?

Roadmaster bikes are great for beginners who do not ride for hours and take up long-distance rides on their bikes. If you are someone who wishes to introduce cycling into your routine with no intentions of maximizing speed and performance, this bike will not disappoint you. 

roadmaster bike

However, for a professional biker with years of experience, you may prefer other high-end brands and models that focus on quality and agility. Whether roadmaster bikes are good for you or not totally depends on your utility and experience. It also depends upon the quality you are expecting. You may love the brakes and find the gears average. It is essential to be realistic with your expectations.

If you expect your bike to run smoothly every day for hours, roadmaster may not be ideally suited for you. Additionally, if you are someone who intends to use your bike in a competitive spirit, it may not meet your expectations. However, if your goal is to go for quick, casual rides once in a while, maybe on weekends, you will be impressed by the performance of this bike. 

Features of a Roadmaster bike


Roadmaster is known for prioritizing comfort. With a soft, padded saddle coupled with a firm grip on the handlebars, you will enjoy a smooth ride. It is evident that an uncomfortable seat can abstain you from cycling. 

Moreover, enduring this discomfort for a continued period can lead to soreness and chafing. Roadmaster understands this concern and offers a cushion-like saddle that helps you maintain the correct posture while riding. 

You will also find an adjustable seat on most of its bikes which will be very convenient. Its durable frame, geometry, and overall structure also ensure a comfortable seating position. Surprisingly, you will find these bikes comfortable even on rough terrain. 

Assembly and appearance  

Buyers find it relatively easy to assemble Roadmaster bikes. A couple of tools and negligible efforts are all you need to put the components together, as you will receive most Roadmaster bikes almost pre-assembled. You will find them at Walmart instead of a local bike shop.

The bikes were packed well and arrived early for most bike owners. If you do not own the basic tools or knowledge regarding the assembly of bikes, you may require some assistance. Regarding appearance, Roadmaster bikes look decent and are available in various attractive colors to choose from. 

Build quality

Roadmaster bikes possess a decent build quality. Sturdy frames, durable tires, and a comfortable structure that efficiently supports your body weight are some of the most impressive aspects of the bikes. They are well-built with a frame geometry that allows you to have the correct posture while riding. 

It is easy to handle Roadmaster bikes even on rugged terrains. The handlebars and the saddle possess good quality. However, a few components may not turn out to be as efficient as you expect. 

For instance, your feet might rub against the front tires, especially while turning, because the pedals are too close to the front wheel. Even so, the buyers agree that this is the best build quality you can get at such a reasonable price tag.  In fact, they find the roadmaster granite peak bike, which is a roadmaster mountain bike, to be really sturdy.


It is easy to shift the gears of Roadmaster bikes. However, some buyers feel they are not as smooth as they should have been. In fact, they make unnecessary noise while shifting, and in some cases, people are not able to change the gears properly. 

As per a few reviews, the bike chain keeps coming off while changing the gears. On the contrary, a lot of customers were impressed by the availability of gear options provided by Roadmaster. 


Roadmaster bikes come with an affordable price tag. Their low cost is the most attractive feature of them. The fact that you can grab high-quality mountain bikes and hybrid bikes at such inexpensive rates is quite appreciable. 

Moreover, you get to choose between a wide variety of bikes that are under your budget and have excellent value for their price. Some professional bikers may not be satisfied with the quality of components because you can get better quality in the market. 

However, to get these components at such a surprisingly low price is definitely a great deal, especially if you are a beginner looking for an entry-level bike. For instance, the roadmaster granite peak bike and the roadmaster adventures hybrid bike are available at reasonable prices for the excellent components they offer.

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The best feature of Roadmaster bikes is the durability they ensure. They are well-engineered and equipped with a durable frame that helps them maintain a reasonable weight. The high quality of the material used in the frame ensures the reliability of the structure. 

The tires play an equal role when it comes to the durability of a bike. You will find the tires of these bikes to be extremely tough and sturdy enough to handle rough surfaces and gravel roads.  

Speed and brakes

The braking system fitted in most bikes of Roadmaster, especially in the range of hybrid bikes, is remarkable and brings your bike to a halt as and when you apply the brakes. The brakes are smooth and prompt to use even on slopes or while going downhill. 

With this incredible stopping power, Roadmaster bikes can also attain high speeds. However, if your Roadmaster bike is equipped with a linear-pull brake system, you may require additional help while tuning it, especially if you are a beginner. 


The wheels and tires equipped with Roadmaster bikes are commendable when it comes to durability. They tend to retain a firm grip over the surface they ride on. This provides you with better control over your bike, especially while taking turns. 

Such great traction also allows you to ride your bike at high speeds. Many buyers are impressed by the ability of Roadmaster bikes to absorb shocks and bumps while riding. This implies that the tires are tough enough to facilitate a smooth ride. 

Frame and sizing

The frame of Roadmaster bikes is composed of high-quality material, making them durable and agile. The components complement the frame design, helping the bikes maintain their reliability and flexibility. 

The only downside to the sturdy material used in the frame is the fact that it makes the bike slightly heavier to ride. Selecting the right size for your bike is extremely important as it affects your ability to handle and control your bike. 

With the availability of a good number of Roadmaster mountain bikes in the market, it may be challenging to pick the right one, especially the size. Therefore, you should always refer to the size chart before purchasing so that you can enjoy a comfortable ride.

Most Roadmaster bikes are available in a single frame size, which might pose a problem for many people. 


Buying a new bike is definitely not limited to appearance and specifications. It involves many factors you need to consider based on your requirements. It is essential to know what to expect before you rush to make a purchase. It is also essential to look through features and see where you can compromise. If the brakes are impressive, the gears may not be.

Roadmaster bikes do a commendable job at such an affordable price tag and make for incredible entry-level bikes. If you are a beginner, you should definitely consider a Roadmaster bike to start your journey. 

However, if you are someone who is looking forward to maximizing performance and speed and covering longer distances, this may not be the best available option for you. These bikes are appropriate for occasionally commuting, running errands, or taking casual rides, not for professional bikers rooting for high-quality components. 


Who owns Roadmaster?

In 2000, Roadmaster was acquired by Pacific Cycle Inc. Ever since, Pacific Cycle, which has its headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin, has been behind the sales and distribution of Roadmaster bikes. 

What types of bikes does Roadmaster make?

Roadmaster offers a vast range of models to consumers. From hybrid bikes to mountain bikes, you will find a good variety under your budget as the prices are pretty low. Moreover, you will find specific bikes for women, men, and children. 

Where are Roadmaster bicycles made?

After a boost in sales of Roadmaster in 1993, the company opened up a new factory in Effingham, Illinois, where the production continued. In 2000, it was sold to Pacific Cycle, which has its headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin. 

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