Are you willing to buy a new bike but are confused about choosing the right brand? Even before the types and models, we tend to introspect the value of a brand, its reviews, and the prominent features it offers. When I was a novice rider, I barely knew anything about picking the right bike. 

Now that I possess years of experience and knowledge from in-depth research, I am capable enough to share it with others. I understand that it is essential to look through several brands and compare their models, which is why I have formulated this guide. 

The focus of this article would be on a well-known bike brand called Raleigh, which you may have stumbled upon if you had already started with your research. Is Raleigh a good bike brand? This might have been the first question to cross your mind. 

Fortunately, this article will save you a lot of time and effort by putting forward all that you need to know about Raleigh and the bikes it has been manufacturing. Before we get to the features and scrutinize them, let’s know more about Raleigh and its history. is readers supported, you may find Amazon affiliated links on this page, that pays us commission for recommending products at no extra cost to you.

About Raleigh

Raleigh happens to be one of the oldest bike brands to ever exist, as it was founded in the year 1885 in Nottingham, England. It all started with a bike workshop set up by Richard Woodhead and Paul Angois on Raleigh Street. 

The brand has come a long way, as it has been manufacturing and selling well-engineered bikes for more than a hundred years now. Raleigh expanded its production to Taiwan and Vietnam in the early 2000s. In 2012, Dutch corporation Accel took over Raleigh, Canada, the UK, and the USA. Raleigh started out by manufacturing a variety of products. 

However, as of now, it has limited its focus to popular types of bikes like electric bikes, kids’ bikes, and hybrid bikes. It possesses an unmatched reputation in the cycling market, considering its long history of providing a wide range of good quality bikes. The different models and types of bikes offered by Raleigh are listed below: 

  • Mountain bikes
  • Road bikes
  • Electric bikes
  • Comfort bikes
  • Hybrid bikes
  • Kids’ bikes
  • Tricycles

Is Raleigh a good bike brand?

Being one of the oldest and most well-known brands popular for quality, Raleigh equips its bikes with better quality components at a similar price range as compared to other high-end brands. Alternatively, Raleigh bikes may be engineered with a similar quality of components compared to expensive brands and offer reasonable prices for the same. 

If we do not compare it with other top-notch brands on the basis of affordability, is Raleigh a good bike brand? Well, on the basis of Raleigh bike reviews, you can be sure of the fact that the versatility and quality offered by Raleigh are appreciable. It has a history of manufacturing bikes that are loved by buyers. You will find many Raleigh bike reviews appreciating the brand.

On the basis of this, Raleigh can safely be called a good bike brand. However, brand reputation is not the only criterion to look for before purchasing a new bike. Choosing a bike whose features match your requirements is just as crucial. 

Features of a Raleigh bike


Raleigh bikes are known for maximizing performance on rough and rugged terrains.  Their speed transmission system is ideally suited for off-road riding experiences. Since they are equipped with a front fork and straight blade, they tend to perform well on uneven surfaces. They possess a commendable stopping power due to dual disc brakes. 

36-hole alloy rims and lightweight alloy wheels make these quality bikes much more sturdy and add to their durability. For outstanding balance and control over through direction of your bike, Raleigh equips its bikes with a Revo gear lever and scientifically-built saddle. Raleigh’s all-terrain models are worth a shot, especially if you are willing to get a bike for rough, bumpy terrains. 

Raleigh bike performance

Technology and durability

Raleigh bikes are equipped with belt-drive technology. With the help of an integrated toothed belt, this innovative technology facilitates a smooth riding experience. Synthetic materials like polyurethane and carbon fibers are used to build this integrated toothed belt. 

Raleigh bikes are quite durable because of this belt-drive technology, as it significantly reduces the need for maintenance. For the smooth working of traditional chains, you are required to lubricate them. 

However, these synthetic belts just need to be sprayed with water for a hassle-free experience without unnecessary noise. You do not have to oil or lubricate them and worry about your bike being left outside in the rain.

They ensure smooth rides without rusting. These innovative belts are also highly reliable as they ensure proper alignment to help the belt remain in the correct position and direction. 

This is facilitated by a groove and spike in the sprocket. These are compatible with geared and single-speed bikes, which means they will work efficiently for electric or commuter bicycles. 

Price range and affordability 

Raleigh bikes are neither too expensive nor too low-priced if you compare their prices with other competitors or brands in the cycling industry. In fact, they offer components of a similar quality as others at lower rates. Even if the prices are the same for Raleigh models and other expensive brands, you will notice that Raleigh possesses better-quality components in comparison. 

Raleigh gives you multiple options customized based on your budget and riding style. Even in Raleigh electric bikes, you will be impressed by the wide range of entry-level bikes and other reasonable models you can grab according to your requirements and the amount you are willing to spend. 

Assembly and warranties

Raleigh bikes are simple to put together. The bikes will be shipped partially assembled. A lot of Raleigh bike reviews mention that a couple of tools and a bit of technical knowledge is all you need to assemble the rest of the bike.

However, if you are a beginner who lacks experience and technical ability to assemble the bike, you can always resort to taking your bike to a nearby bike shop, where a small fee would be charged.

Alternatively, you can also buy a pre-assembled bicycle from Amazon and skip the assembly part. In order to protect your investment, Raleigh provides its buyers with a limited lifetime warranty on the bike frame and non-suspension fork. 

Build quality and reliability 

Raleigh is a well-known brand appreciated for the excellent build quality it offers. It uses a blend of top-notch and midrange components. These bikes are designed with experience by making use of the latest manufacturing techniques.

Despite this, these good-quality bikes are available to consumers with an affordable price tag. The quality of the carbon, aluminum, and steel frames of Raleigh bikes is top-tier. 

Moreover, Raleigh has continued to take up quality assurance measures to confirm that the bicycles are working efficiently. In this quality check, Raleigh focuses on examining and properly fitting various components like tires, gears, brakes, and the alignment of the bike frames. 

Raleigh bike frame

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Geometry and tires

Raleigh mountain bikes possess advanced geometry and a vast variety of styles and options that make them one of the best sellers in the cycling industry. They are fitted with sturdy and durable tires that ensure a firm grip over the surface and offer you hassle-free rides on uneven terrains. 

From full suspension to a hardtail mountain bike, you are open to choosing from various mountain bikes. Not to forget, the wheels and tires of these bikes are capable of absorbing shocks and bumps while riding on rocky terrains. Even on city roads and pavements, you will notice Raleigh mountain bikes functioning just as well. 

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Brakes and shifters

Most Raleigh bikes are equipped with V-brakes. They are available at a much more affordable price when compared with mechanical disc brakes and possess incredible stopping power, which is enough to bring your bike to a halt as soon as you apply the brakes. 

Not to forget, these V-brakes are very convenient and require low maintenance as you can clean and replace them without any hassle. Raleigh happens to conduct routinely quality checks to make sure the components like brakes are in good shape. 

Most Raleigh bikes are fitted with Shimano Rapid Fire Plus gear shifters that make the entire process of shifting the gears quite convenient. If you are looking for a bike with multiple gear options, you may prefer a Raleigh bike. 


Since Raleigh is one of the oldest companies, it has managed to manufacture various kinds of bikes. Hybrids, tricycles, mountain bikes, endurance road bikes, commuter bikes, all-terrain bikes, and electric bikes are some of the popular models it offers. 

You can find more on its official website. Even the mountain bikes manufactured by Raleigh offer a decent variety of models. You will be offered different styles in hardtails and full-suspension bikes. With a rigid frame and suspension fork, these hardtail mountain bikes will prove to be quite versatile. 

Even when it comes to electric bikes, Raleigh has some great models in the store for you. These models can be customized on the basis of your budget and requirements. You can get affordable models, entry-level bicycles, and even high-end options possessing better quality and tech. 

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Comfort and convenience

Raleigh mountain bikes, especially those fitted with front and back suspension, are pretty comfortable to ride. Even while biking in rugged terrains, you would not be disappointed by the ability of these bikes to handle bumps and vibrations due to barriers. 

It is not essential to pick a Raleigh mountain bike only if you are riding off-road. According to a few Raleigh bike reviews, even while riding on paved surfaces and smooth city roads, you will be impressed by the level of comfort being offered to you. 

If you wish to get a bike for commuting effortlessly, Raleigh electric bikes can come to your rescue. Apart from being comfortable, some models of these electric bikes can be folded and turn out to be really convenient while traveling or commuting.  

Top 2 Raleigh bike reviews

1. Raleigh Redux Hybrid Bike

Raleigh Redux Hybrid Bike is an aluminum-framed bike equipped with a 7-speed transmission system. The usage of aluminum in the frame of this bike makes it super light and durable. The gears are pretty easy to shift because of Shimano Revo shifters. With just a twist of your wrist, you will be able to shift the gears. 

The geometry of this bike is designed in a way that allows you to steer and control it effortlessly. The frame of this Raleigh hybrid bike is ideal for kids between 8 and 12 years of age or for 53 and 61 inches in height. Its 24-inch wheels are durable and ideal even for bigger kids. You will also receive a limited lifetime warranty on its frame. 

Being fitted with alloy mechanical disc brakes gives this bike an incredible stopping ability. The brakes are smooth and prompt when applied. No matter what kind of weather you are riding this bike in, its efficient braking system won’t disappoint you. 

  • Smooth and efficient mechanical disc brakes.
  • Lightweight and sturdy frame
  • Advanced geometry for effortless steering
  • Shimano Revo shifters make it easy for you to shift gears.
  • If you are a beginner, assembling the bike may require assistance from a bike shop.
  • The front brakes may require some tuning.

2. Raleigh Cadent Hybrid Bike

Raleigh Cadent Bike is a well-engineered hybrid bike composed of an aluminum frame that is light and durable. It is fitted with Alloy V brakes which provide an immediate halt whenever you apply the brakes. Such an efficient braking system ensures a smooth ride and control over the bike. 

This bike is ideal for kids who are 8-12 years old or 53-61 inches tall. Even if the kid is bigger, the 24-inch wheels of this hybrid bike ensure a comfortable experience. The bike offers 7 speeds and Shimano Reva shifters that help you shift the gears with just a twist.

  • Sturdy and aluminum-framed
  • Smooth and efficient brakes
  • The gears are easy to shift
  • Effortless to assemble
  • Adjustable saddle height
  • The brakes may require some adjustment
  • Some buyers find the handlebars to be too low.


Even today, Raleigh continues to be a top-tier brand offering a budget-friendly range of bikes fitted with fine-quality components. Comparing Raleigh bikes with other high-end brands will make you realize that the quality of components is just as good or even better than those expensive bikes. 

All these components and features might keep you wondering, is Raleigh a good bike brand? The answer to this lies in your riding preferences and requirements.

What makes a bike brand suitable is how well it matches the level of your expectations. According to Raleigh bike reviews, buyers who wanted to use their bikes for recreational rides or to commute were satisfied with the features Raleigh offered. 

Therefore, before buying a new Raleigh bike and going through its specifications, it is essential to know your needs and expectations. This will help you to figure out the criteria based on which you will have to judge the bike brand


Is a Raleigh bike manufactured in the UK?

Since 2002, no assembly of Raleigh bikes has taken place in the UK. They are being manufactured and assembled in countries like Vietnam, Taiwan, and Japan as these are better destinations to manufacture factory frames. 

Who owns Raleigh now?

Raleigh is a division of the Accel group. In 2012, it was purchased by a Netherlands-based company called Accel. 

How good are the vintage bikes manufactured by Raleigh?

Raleigh vintage bikes are built with hand using steel. More than the features and performance, they focus on a vintage look that was quite popular during the years the 1910s and 1990s. They have a classic and retro appearance as they are equipped with baskets, and mudguards, among other vintage features. 

Where can you find the serial number of Raleigh bikes?

You can find the unique identification number of your Raleigh bike on the bottom bracket of its frame. This may also be visible on the side and front of the seat lug. 

Are Raleigh bikes considered to be bulky?

The weight of a Raleigh bike varies according to the type, style, and model. Raleigh mountain bikes tend to be heavier due to their wide tires and sturdy frame. However, they weigh average in comparison to other top-tier brands.  

Are Raleigh and Diamondback the same?

No, they were owned by the same company. In 1999, Derby Cycle Corporation took over Diamondback. The company had previously taken over the Raleigh Bicycle Company too. Diamondback and Raleigh were merged afterward. However, in 2001, both Raleigh and Diamondback were sold by the Derby Cycle Corporation. 

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